CRS ARC is now SKCC #28624  See Club News for more information

The Cornwall Ranger Station Amateur Radio Club was formed by 20 charter members in September, 2009. The Station is an old cabin on top of the Cornwall Mountain near Cornwall, Pennsylvania, which years ago was the living quarters for the fire rangers who manned the lookout tower watching for forest fires. The cabin was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in 1929. Modern technology has made fire towers obsolete, and the cabin was idle and unoccupied for years.

The main purpose for the club is to maintain the station at the Cornwall Mountain location and promote Amateur Radio among local hams and activity on the bands.

The original founding members of CRS ARC received permission from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to renovate, and put the cabin to use as an Amateur Radio station. The interior was replaced, or improved, and some antennas were erected and the station was put back into service.

The elevation at the site is about 1200 ft. AMSL.  In addition to a vertical and wire antennas on the property, an HF beam is on the 80 ft. tower (as seen in the picture to the left).  It has a clear view above the trees.  Average terrain is about 500 ft. AMSL, so the view is excellent. We look forward to working you on the air.