New Q signals for Conversational CW!

Several CRS members have been advancing the art of CW!  As it becomes more conversational, the lack of Q signals for good rag chewing becomes apparent.  To fill that gap, the list below has been developed and can be heard on the bands, at least around here…

QBFBrain Fade (to put it politely 😉

QCEClose Enough —especially useful after messing up a word multiple times, and you know the other operator knows what you are trying to send!  It is akin to “I give up!”

QDB – taking a Deep Breath — useful for those times when you stop transmitting because your sending is really messed up and you need to sit back, take some deep breaths, relax and then, try again.

QFT – Here comes a -Fist Twister — the CW version of a tongue twister.    Example:  QFT  Jessie finished sixty sensitive established session schedule slashing substitutions 

QHMHoly Moly!

QJKJust Kidding…

QLD Later, Dude

QMF – you caught me with my Mouth Full.  It can be so awkward when the other station turns it over to you and you have to send CW with your mouth full! 


QPE – I need to PEe… (more than enough said)

QRDDog interference here (whining, barking, jumping up, chewing on your leg, etc. –  cf. QRN & QRM)

QSHShaking my Hand… Trying to get rid of built up tension in my hand.